Japanese course will be starting soon in this AUGUST!

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                1. Native Japanese teacher and Thai teacher
                2. Study at Phasorn language school @Central tower or an online class via zoom and Skype.
                3. Free Textbook! Yasashii Nihongo 1 やさしい日本語
                4. Focus on speaking and listening skills in order to communicate with basic conversation such as describing of things, places, time, date, number and introducing yourself.
                5. Contents
                  • Japanese phonetic (Romaji) which helps you to pronounce and speak Japanese speedily and naturally.
                  • Learn Hiragana alphabet and how to pronounce the sounds in Japanese.
                  • Practice with Japanese conversation through pictures and make a sentence.
                6. This Japanese course suits the one who has never learned Japanese before.
                7. We offer the Japanese course for a Non-Immigrant ED Visa.

Notes: 1 lesson = 50 minutes and on Saturday – Sunday have to study 3 lessons per day.

If you’re interested in our Japanese beginner course, please feel free to contact us as below!   

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